Vrnjačka Banja is one of the most therapeutic spas in Serbia, thanks to its healing properties and beauty discovered by the ancient Romans. Apart from the spa facilities, this spa offers other amenities for rest and recreation and is one of the greatest tourist potentials in Serbia. The environment and healing properties of Vrnjačka Banja attract an increasing number of domestic and foreign tourists every year.



Vrnjačka Banja through history

The history of Vrnjačka Banja is really impressive. The Roman Spring is a touch of the Roman times. It was found by chance in 1924. The remains of an antique swimming pool were found at the same depth. Roman money from the end of the 1st to the second half of the 4th century was unearthed around the spring. At that time the first Roman baths were built, and since then it has been known as a climatic health resort – a spa.


Vrnjačka Banja


The year 1868 was a key year in the modern history of this spa. At that time, several benefactors from Kruševac, Trstenik and Kraljevo, together with the Kruševac district mayor, Pavle Mutavdžić, established the Founding Society for the Sour Hot Water Vrnjci. That is when the construction of baths and other spa facilities began. In the period from 1888 to 1894, the summer house of General Jovan Belimarković, Deputy King Aleksandar Obrenović, was built. After that, Vrnjačka Banja began to grow into a modern health resort.



Vrnjačka Banja


A significant period in the development of Vrnjačka Banja is the time before the Balkan wars. At that time, numerous structures were built - boarding houses, new baths, a cinema... A new era for Vrnjačka Banja began after the First World War. Then new modern bathrooms were being built, new villas were springing up, parks were arranged, crafts were flourishing, along with culture and tourism ......


Vrnjačka Banja


In the fifties and sixties, Vrnjačka Banja recorded a new rise, as new facilities were built, and an increasing number of tourists visited this Spa. According to records, Vrnjačka Banja had the largest number of guests in the eighties, when about two million overnight stays were recorded.



Vrnjačka Banja today

Today, thanks to its infrastructure and healing thermal springs, Vrnjačka Banjais one of the most important tourist potentials in Serbia. This spa is known beyond the borders of Serbia for its thermal-mineral waters.

Healing factors, such as a mild, temperate-continental climate characterized by pleasant summers and mild winters (in the medicinal sense it is classified as soothing-sedative climate), mineral mud, thermal-mineral waters, stunning vegetation, beautifully landscaped park and other facilities it offers. Today, Vrnjačka Banja attracts visitors not only from all over the country, but from the surrounding countries as well.


Healing waters are used for drinking and bathing, and the most famous springs are:                           

  • „Topla voda“ (Warm Water)
  • „Jezero“ (Lake)
  • „Snežnik“
  • „Slatina“


In addition to thermal water, medicinal muds are also used in therapy. In Vrnjačka Banja, medicinal waters are used as an aid in the treatment of gallbladder and bile duct diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, urinary diseases, liver and pancreas diseases, diabetes, anemia, etc.

The most famous health resort is the special hospital "Merkur". Medicinal waters from spa springs are the basis of all health programs.



Vrnjačka Banja Amenities

In addition to therapeutic, Vrnjačka Banja has many other facilities.


Wellness centers and swimming pools

Vrnjačka Banja

Wellness centers are part of the offer of some tourist facilities such as "Solaris", "King", "Sunny Hill", etc.. Certainly the most famous wellness center is at the "Merkur" Hotel which has a swimming pool with thermal mineral water. They also offer sauna, massages, healing mud treatments, anti-stress and anti-cellulite packages and much more, all for the purpose of relaxation, leisure and pleasure.


Vrnjačka Banja has a large Olympic pool and many other outdoor pools, plus indoor pools in hotels, so that swimming fans can enjoy all year round.


Sports and recreational facilities

Vrnjačka Banja


In Vrnjačka Banja, there is a sports and recreation center "Raj" (Paradise) with three grass courts and an athletics track, as well as a beach volleyball court. Then, there is the Sports Hall equipped for many sports such as: basketball, handball, martial arts, table tennis, volleyball... For ski lovers, there is a ski slope nearby on the Goč Mountain. For those who love fishing, there is Zapadna Morava (the West Morava) and Podunavačke bare, where sports competitions are held. there are several open fields for ‘small’ sports, then an artificial rock for climbing and much more.


Carnival and Festivals

Vrnjačka Banja


In July, the "Vrnjačka Carnival" is organized for 8 days. As part of the Carnival, a large number of concerts, exhibitions, masquerades, plays, and other events are held. The central event is a large international carnival procession. On this occasion, about 300,000 visitors gather there each year. There are also film and music festivals. The most famous are the "International Festival of Classical Music" in July, "Lovefest" and "Film Screenplay Festival" in August. There are also festivals of folk and popular music.



Geographical position of Vrnjačka Banja

Vrnjačka Banja is located in central Serbia, in the valley between the Goč mountain and the West Morava. It is about 200 kilometers from Belgrade, about 120 km from Nis and 25 km from Kraljevo. The nearest town is Trstenik, 11 km away. The altitude of this climatic health resort is 217m. The settlement is partly located on the slopes of the Goč mountain, so the influence of a pleasant mountain climate is felt, although the temperate continental climate prevails.